Cover Subline

John N Yaou was born in the City of Chicago studied art at Northeastern Illinois University, with a concentration in sculpture and ceramics. He graduated with a degree in non-traditional studies in 2012. In 2013 John returned to his first passion, painting. He continued growing as an artist by taking a postion as administrator for Frankenstone Artisans. John has continued to evolve as an artist. 

John has shown in several galleries in the city of Chicago including ShoPods, Studio Oh, Black Couch Gallery and Frankenstone Art Center. John's current boy of work focuses on celebrating Urban/Street Art. Using the influence of Urban art and turning it into fine art.  Although, the subject matter may differ, John attempts to link all of his work by keeping the methodology and technique consistent. The methodical and almost tedious process not only freeing for the imagination but gives a sense of accomplishment once that piece of work is complete. 

"What are you making?"